with passion to beautify life

Hi, I’m Iga Wais

I am a surface pattern designer based in Poland. I believe that everyday, we should be surrounded by beauty. I love working with people who think similarly and decorate other people’s lives. When designing patterns, I focus on uniqueness that will allow your products to shine among the rest. I strongly identify with my designs and I work with the same passion in every project.

My Work

I believe it is better to plant flowers than to pull the weeds. From passion to making life prettier, i have made my career goal. I am a realist. Every day I strive for perfection so that the patterns I create can always be authentic – even when I paint whales flying among the clouds.


Even as a child, I loved drawing and painting. I developed my skills in an art school to finally discover surface pattern design. I have been designing for 5 years and I love it with all my heart. I started with vector patterns and with time I discovered the watercolor technique, which gives me more freedom to express myself. I like to try new techniques and combine them together to create unique projects. I am fascinated by the combination of watercolor paints with crayons or linear drawings.  My projects are distinguished by delicate colors and attention to detail.


Iga Wais